A Future Among the Stars - The Rise of Jun

June 25, 2024
Archetype Entertainment

Lidon is the only home I’ve ever known… yet I still feel like a stranger here.

Fleeing a dying earth, our ancestors found refuge in Centauri – a safe home for humanity. They settled here on the moon of Lidon, in the Malakbel system. They built a haven; a world we could call our own.

But I am different. Isolated. Set apart by my unique heritage and genetics. Often, I find myself wandering alone, searching for remnants and relics to leverage as currency in the black markets and junk shops of this world. In those quiet moments, I feel a shadow upon me. I hear voices, just beyond the edge of hearing. Like the ancient secrets of this world call out to the part of me that isn’t quite human.

I was not made for Lidon. Each night I gaze up at the sky, searching for my place – my purpose - somewhere out there in the stars. I feel my path is leading me to the Travelers, those brave souls who are leading the fight for humanity’s salvation. Like my father.

They say Orion Aslan was a prolific Traveler, commanding countless expeditions to dozens of star systems in his century-long reign. Sailing at the edge of lightspeed, he remained forever young – a vibrant, heroic leader for the people of Lidon.

He valiantly led humanity’s fight against the Celestials, the powerful alien civilizations who settled the Cluster long before our ark ships arrived. Their technology far exceeds our own, yet despite the overwhelming odds, Orion stood tall as our champion against them. Until one day, he didn’t return.

A mere infant when he left on his last Exodus, I have no memories of Orion. My only knowledge of my father comes from stories and legends. I often wonder what happened to him. What fate befell him. What fate awaits me.

I long to discover what lies among the stars. Are the answers I seek out there? The secrets that might help me understand more about my capabilities and the unshakable certainty that my destiny is something… profound?

My next step may be my last, but I am not afraid. I am open to the possibility that I am meant for more…but first I need to know who I am!


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