Before us, there was Earth.

Remember where you came from.

Remember why we left.




Chapter 1 That'll Do

Torrance, an engineer from the Ark ship, Tamerlaine, is stealing supplies and selling them on the black market right under the snout of an unlikely detective.

Chapter 2 Inheritance

Edith, a brilliant engineer working on an impossible deadline, struggles to reconnect with her teenage daughter before time runs out.

Chapter 3 Ninety-Nine Percent Workable

Jurgen Barrendown, billionaire financier of the Fortunate Son, hosts a party for his wealthy friends on the eve of the ark ship’s impending launch… but not everyone will be celebrating.

Chapter 4 Spares

Kendall's job as Chief Technician on the Abandoned Bride forces her to get creative in finding spare parts to keep the ship’s systems running.

Chapter 5 Green Worlds

The power died just as Evan calibrated the receivers, an increasingly time-consuming task given the deterioration of the Hammercross’s long-range communications gear. For a moment he sat there in the dark, listening. The hum of the ventilators was still audible. The blackout hadn’t cut off his air.

The Traveler's Guides


Time DilationChapters

Time Dilation

As a Traveler, you exist outside of time. A single day of interstellar expedition for you can mean decades lost with loved ones back home. The world you once knew will change; you become a stranger in your own land.


If my calculations are correct, today would have been a holiday known as Earth Day back on the planet of our origin. In light of this occasion, I’d like to draw your attention to one of our museum’s lesser known, but highly treasured, exhibits – a diary excerpt from a young teacher dated to the late twenty-first century.


To say the arrival of humanity in the Centauri Cluster was not easy is a dramatic understatement. We faced unknown challenges and deadly enemies, spread across thousands of planets in hundreds of systems. Against these overwhelming odds, humanity’s focus was on survival.


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1. A departure; literal or metaphorical.

2. A movement of people from one place to another.

3. A Time-Dilated interstellar journey during which the traveler experiences velocities approaching lightspeed. Popularized during the 23rd century mass exodus from Earth.

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40,000 years ago, humanity was forced to abandon a dying Earth. Taking to the stars in massive ark ships, we found a habitable galaxy, in Centauri. Here, we are the underdogs, struggling for survival in a cold and hostile galaxy. Teetering on the edge of extinction, our only hope for salvation lies with the Travelers – brave heroes and explorers descended from the early colonists on those first ships that left Earth long ago...

~2,200 AD:

Fleeing a dying Earth, governments and other powerful organizations begin launching fleets of ark ships out into the galaxy, seeking a new home for humanity.

Dawn Era//
~18,000 AD:

Several ark fleets reach the Centauri Cluster, 16,000 light years from Earth. They discover hundreds of densely packed star systems with thousands of potentially habitable planets and send out the “Green Worlds” signal to summon the rest of the ark ships.

Remnant Era//
~24,000 AD:

Centauri's early history is marked by the violent rise and fall of interstellar empires. With the aid of genetic engineering, the citizens of these constantly warring cultures rapidly change and evolve.

Crucible Era//
~30,000 AD:

In the aftermath of the Formation Wars, a powerful Celestial species called the Elohim rise to prominence. The Elohim construct the Gates of Heaven, an interstellar network linking all the systems of Centauri, heralding in a new age of exploration and trade.

Rise of the Aslan Dynasty//
~41,500 AD:

A long-lost human ark fleet arrives in the Malakbel system and establishes a colony on the moon of Lidon, building atop ruins left behind by a long-extinct Celestial civilization called the Detenir. After two centuries of struggling existence, a human Traveler named Orion Aslan emerges as Lidon’s leader and savior.

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