“The allocator,” Kendall announced, “is fused.”

        “That’s what I said,” came Nabil7’s voice from the radio, currently hung about her neck. He was currently jockeying a camera drone through the next unit along, which was connected to the 3D printer banks below. Either that or life support, and they should probably double-check before switching anything off.

        “The allocator.” She pulled up the schematics on her portable display. “What’s it allocating?” Not for the first time, the blueprints for the Ark Abandoned Bride failed to match what she actually found behind the panels. The work crews had been short of materials and there had been a lot of workarounds back in the day. And that day was a century ago and there weren’t many people left whom a 3rd generation engineer like Kendall could ask.

        “Maybe not anything. However, it’s integral to the digital architecture. Screwed allocator equals screwed entire system.”




Chapter 1 That'll Do

Torrance, an engineer from the Ark ship, Tamerlaine, is stealing supplies and selling them on the black market right under the snout of an unlikely detective.

Chapter 2 Inheritance

Edith, a brilliant engineer working on an impossible deadline, struggles to reconnect with her teenage daughter before time runs out.

Chapter 3 Ninety-Nine Percent Workable

Jurgen Barrendown, billionaire financier of the Fortunate Son, hosts a party for his wealthy friends on the eve of the ark ship’s impending launch… but not everyone will be celebrating.

Chapter 4 Spares

Kendall's job as Chief Technician on the Abandoned Bride forces her to get creative in finding spare parts to keep the ship’s systems running.

Chapter 5 Green Worlds

The power died just as Evan calibrated the receivers, an increasingly time-consuming task given the deterioration of the Hammercross’s long-range communications gear. For a moment he sat there in the dark, listening. The hum of the ventilators was still audible. The blackout hadn’t cut off his air.

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