February 21, 2024
Archetype Entertainment

The reveal of the EXODUS Companion, Elise, created a lot of positive comments and a few questions. Narrative Director Drew Karpyshyn took some time to answer a few of your questions offering a deeper look at Elise Charroux. In this follow-up, Drew reveals more about Elise's backstory and some of her guiding motivations.

Why is Elise in a mech suit? What made her decide to use one? Did she make it?
As a soldier on Earth, Elise was trained in the use of personal mechanized combat armor – what is commonly referred to as a “mech suit”. During her time on Lidon, she has managed to repair and upgrade the suit she brought with her from Earth, transforming it into an even more devastating weapon.

Is Elise stuck in the suit, always wearing it, or can she take it off and work on it?
Elise typically only wears the suit during a mission. In her off time, she can either be found in the garage tinkering with her mech, or at the local pub sharing drinks with the other mercenaries and salvagers.

Why is Elise consumed with finding out more about Earth? Is this a symptom of losing some memories due to cryosleep?
Prolonged cryosleep causes “holes” in your memory – bits and pieces are lost, and much of what remains can be fragmented or disjointed. Elise remembers small parts of her past, but much of what she once was is gone. She hopes that finding connections to Earth will help her recover some of her lost memories and give her a better understanding of who she was and where she came from.

Aside from her continuing interest in Earth, are there any other aspects of Elise that make her unique?
Like all your companions, Elise has her share of quirks and unique personality traits. An adrenaline junky and thrill seeker with a sarcastic sense of humor, Elise is always looking for action.

The website mentions that Elise hangs out at the cantina in Borderline. Is Borderline a planet, a city, or any kind of significant place in the story of EXODUS, or just the name of the cantina?
Borderline is a neighborhood in the city of Persepolis, one of the major metropolitan areas in the world of Lidon, where the story of EXODUS begins.

The website refers to Elise being a “Sleeper.” Can you tell us more about what it means to be a Sleeper?
“Sleepers” is the name given to ark ship passengers who spent their entire journey in cryotubes in a state of semi-hibernation to conserve resources during the generations-long trip across the galaxy. Unfortunately, prolonged cryosleep had the unexpected side effect of fragmented memory loss, and most Sleepers can only remember bits and pieces of their past.

Elise seems like a cool character; is there any significance to her tattoos?
For Elise, her tattoos represent the part of her life that she has lost; a visible reminder of what she once was but no longer remembers. She understands there is a significance attached to them, and she feels powerful emotions when she contemplates them. But the precise details of each tattoo – when she acquired it, or what specific meaning it once had - elude her, lost in the haze of her fragmented memories.

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