EXODUS Founders Q&A Video – April 2024

April 25, 2024
Archetype Entertainment

Today, Archetype Entertainment posted its second Founders Q&A Video. They are called “FOUNDERS Q&A” Videos because we solicit questions from our community of Founders, the early adopters who have already shared their belief in us by becoming part of our connected community. Their questions are answered by the Studio Co-Founders. The Studio leaders, James and Chad, are excited by the questions as they show how enthusiastic, and curious, our community is about what we are building with Exodus Game. It is humbling to see this level of enthusiasm so early in the project and the support we are receiving is greatly appreciated.

Our goal at Archetype is to make a game that our players will be excited to play and love for many years. To craft a world that opens the door to a depth of experience that is not only deep in terms of its breadth but also at an emotional level in terms of how deeply it impacts players based on the consequences created by Time Dilation and its impact on their loved ones, over generations.

The questions and answers in this Founders Q&A are also deep and broad. We love to see where our community’s interest lies. It is fun to share some of those areas in the story and world lore that we are most proud of and excited about creating – and which offer some hints as to where we are going with Exodus.

The best part of our jobs as Founders of the studio is hearing from the community. We do this for you. Exodus means a departure. But, for us it is just the beginning.

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