The Rise of Orion Aslan

July 9, 2024
Archetype Entertainment

My first Exodus changed everything. Naïve, restless, and eager to make my mark, I bluffed my way aboard the expedition with more bravado than talent or skill. I was young and foolish. I thought being a Traveler meant adventure and riches. As our ship passed through the Gates, my head was filled with childish dreams of fortune and glory.

What I witnessed out in the cold depths of space was both incredible and harrowing. I saw firsthand what the Celestials really were. What they had become. Their biology, their technology, their politics – the understanding and knowledge gained over their 40,000 years of evolution – had transformed them into something far removed from their human origins. They were completely alien, seemingly imbued with limitless power and a complete disdain for the fate of the pathetic human newcomers to the Cluster. Exploring the ruins of their ancient and long abandoned worlds filled me with a mix of awe and horror. The more I saw, the more I grasped the gravity of the challenge we faced.

When I returned to Lidon, I was a different man. I realized the true goal of the Travelers isn’t personal gain, but survival – for our world, and all humanity. Armed with this new understanding, my missions became more daring, more treacherous, more successful. With each Exodus, I led my crew ever deeper into the uncharted edges of Celestial-controlled space. We confronted unfathomable dangers, risking everything to secure critical technology and resources to bolster our efforts. Seizing on the technological scraps left behind by the Celestials, then repurposing and building on them to give ourselves a fighting chance. Our triumphs emboldened Lidon’s other Traveler Dynasties to join the cause, united by a shared purpose and vision. But for every tiny victory we claimed, every step we took towards securing our future, we provoked the fury of the Celestials even more.

Over time, the people of Lidon hailed me as a hero. A leader. A savior. The champion in our struggle for survival. I made it my mission to elevate and advance my homeworld, to deliver on the promise of a more powerful, thriving haven for humanity. Slowly, my relentless efforts fortified our position against the Celestials. Under my leadership, warring factions reconciled. Failing infrastructures were strengthened. Traveler ranks multiplied, enabling us to embark on even more boundary-pushing expeditions.

I meticulously constructed a network of devoted supporters who could advance my vision and maintain order in my absences. Their influence and loyalty were critical for the continuity of my work and the growth of my Dynasty. I watched as society transformed under my guiding hand, powered by hope and the spoils from my interstellar exploits. I was building a future for our civilization against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Throughout my Exodus missions, I aged very little. Traveling at nearly light speed has its benefits, but it also exacts a heavy toll. With each return, I saw my son Gideon growing older and more distant from me. The closeness we once shared was stretched thin in the vast expanse of time and space. He doesn’t understand that I make these sacrifices for him. For his legacy. For Lidon. For all of humanity.

Every victory, every encounter, every mission is a testament to our species’ tenacity. Yet, Celestial domination continues to loom over us like a dark, ominous cloud. We are mere primitives here, at their mercy. Their brutality knows no bounds. Now, more than ever, the future of humanity rests entirely in my hands. They look to me to lead them to safety, to salvation. It is a burden and a promise that here and now, I commit to meet.

I have discovered powers and technology that no human can wield. Remnants of lost Celestial civilizations that will be the tools to our salvation… if we can learn to unlock them. And I will find a way. We will turn their own technology against them… somehow. My legacy, and the future of humanity, depend on it. I will forge a path forward for my people, no matter the cost. But where will that path lead?

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