March 19, 2024
Archetype Entertainment

Fleeing a dying Earth via ark ships in the 23rd century, our ancestors’ emotional journey stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Journeying at near lightspeed in search of new worlds to settle, time itself slowed to a crawl; we weren’t just traveling in space but sprinting into the future.

As our ancestors traversed thousands of lightyears, countless ships vanished into the abyss—swallowed by the vast emptiness of space. But a lucky (or fateful) few reached the CENTAURI Cluster, where there were hundreds of habitable words, and sent out the Green Signal – a message calling all humanity to come join them. The other ark ships heeded the message.

As we sailed on the edge of lightspeed, the consequences of time dilation exacted a cost. Although the trip to Centauri took only decades for those still on the ark ships, tens of thousands of years passed for the people who sent the Green Signal. Over this time, these early voyagers established empires and evolved into species as varied as the stars in the sky. They were barely recognizable as human, now known only to us as… CELESTIALS.

Not only did these hyper-advanced Celestials see us as primitives by the time we reached Centauri, but we were relegated to backwater worlds: isolated, ostracized, and controlled by our evolved ancestors. Our sole beacon of hope? The TRAVELERS – courageous explorers who journey the stars, unearthing ancient and powerful technologies on the dead worlds of extinct Celestial civilizations.

For the life of a Traveler, time becomes your enemy, a force you cannot see or escape - a concept distorted by the unfathomable speeds at which you traverse through space. What may seem like mere hours or days to you can equate to years, even decades, passing for those you leave behind. With each Exodus, you are confronted not only by the dangers that lie waiting for you across this universe but also by the emotional toll of your absence on those you love. Each choice you make while you are traveling on your interstellar missions is magnified by the reality of time dilation, and the cost and consequences are often paid by your entire civilization… and the friends and family you left behind.

At the center of each Exodus mission lies The Pathways—an interstellar transportation network accessed only via the Gates of Heaven. Massive artifacts constructed and maintained by mysterious, hyper-advanced beings called the Elohim, The Gates of Heaven are a technological marvel that enables us to explore worlds beyond the reach of conventional spacecraft.

Yet, amidst the dangers and immense toll your journeys extract, a sense of purpose exists that propels you and your companions further into the unknown. The Celestial artifacts that you are searching for hold the power of both creation and destruction. Uncovering just one of them could completely change the course of an entire civilization. Over the passing millennia, you will observe the immense impact that your choices have on your descendants, your world, and humanity as a whole.

That’s the price you pay for being a Traveler.


We sail on the Edge of lightspeed, where time moves differently.

As each day goes by, years pass for those we leave behind.

Our service – our sacrifice – discovers words, seeds hope, breaks empires.

We are the Travelers.

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